Who - Lost & Grounded

Where - Brislington, Bristol 

What - Lost & Grounded are expert craft brewers based locally in Bristol. They're a creative bunch, taking inspiration from Belgian-style techniques to produce fun, innovative brews for beer lovers. 


Within the aluminium confines of a Running With Spectres can you'll find Pils, Cara, Brown and Mroost malts alongside Magnum, Chinook & Savinjski Goldings hops. The d-r-e-a-m. This is a rich Baltic Porter with all the classic coffee and chocolate notes you'd expect. Lager fermentation gives it an unrivalled clean finish and epic drinkability. Get on it!


Clean, coffee, fresh. Vegan. Local. 440ml can. ABV 6.8%. 


Lost & Grounded Running With Spectres