Grapes - Primitivo
Where - Puglia
What - The Lucale Primitivo is a small production wine from an area that is traditionally famous for its mass plantings and mass production. In our mind, this Primitivo showcases everything that we love about small production wines; the care, the attention and the taste. This method always produced better, more refined wines. 


Grapes from older vines are nipped at the stem resulting in a natural dieback and allows the grapes to lose moisture content. These ‘appassimento’ grapes are then fermented in stainless steel before ageing in a mixture of French and American oak.


The Lucale Primitivo is a big, big wine. It is garnet in colour and packed with velvety notes of cherry, plums, figs, vanilla and liquorice.


Velvety, intense, bargain. 14.5% ABV. 

Lucale Primitivo