Grape - Cabernet Franc

Where - Loire Valley, France

What - Maison Audebert is a longstanding Loire Valley winery with a strong reputation for producing great Cabernet Franc over their impressive range of appellations. Cabernet Franc is a relatively unused varietal, but we are huge fans, especially when it comes from Saumur-Champigny.


This wine is a beautiful ruby red colour and immediately produces ripe red berry aromas. There's a touch of green bell pepper and mint on the palate, but most of all you'll notice the huge punch of forest fruit that comes through. The tannins are particularly velvety, making for a drinkable, delicious Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. 


Smooth, fruity, peppery. ABV 13%. 

Maison Audebert Saumur-Champigny 2019