Grapes - Pinot Noir
Where - Nitra, Slovakia
What - Two very close friends called Martin and Vlado created Marvla Tindo to continue their shared passion for showcasing the best grapes of the area in the most sustainable way possible. To kick start this, they set up shop on the slopes of the Sitno volcano. These porous rock surfaces are poor in organic matter which makes them ideal for grape growing. Pinot Noir grapes are hand harvested and naturally fermented in stainless steel before aging for 13 months in a mixture of oaks.


The Marvla Tindo Pinot Noir is a deliciously hazy pinot loaded with notes of strawberry, black cherries, leather, clove, and woodsmoke.


Juicy, smoky, layered. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 14.5% ABV.

Marvla Tindo Pinot Noir