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Grape - Riesling

Where - Brhlovce, Slovakia

What - Friends Martin and Vlado run the MarvlaTINDO winery over in central Slovakia. They're passionate about low intervention winemaking and aim to highlight the best of their volcanic terroir through traditional, characteristic grape growing. All their wines are full to the brim with unique minerality. The soils of the Brhlovce vineyards are composed of compressed volcanic ash which, mixed with a cool climate, makes for fresh and bright wines.


The Sedimental Pet Nat is a bottle full of funk. You can see the sediment swirling around immediately which is super exciting and demonstrative of the winery's dedication to natural winemaking. It has undergone a double fermentation in the bottle and they haven't removed even a speck of the sediment. 


This is a super fun wine with loads of volcanic character. It's quite a savoury Pet Nat, with flavours of sourdough, cream, granite, steel and citrus. Definitely one you need to try. Like, now. 


Fun, unique, sparkling. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. Minimal sulphite. ABV 11%. 

marvlaTINDO Sedimental Pet Nat

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