Grape – Pinot Noir

Where – Catalonia, Spain

What – It’s a struggle to believe we’ve waited this long to introduce a Pinot Noir to our Wolf Vial venture. For us, Pinot has always been the absolute king of grapes; it’s a style in a league of its own. For the fifth instalment, we wanted to showcase something quite remarkable. This wine is impressively refined and, altogether, very grown-up.


Loxarel are a small winery located in the arid hills of Penedes, Catalonia. It is run by Joseph and Teresa; two of the most talented natural viticulturists in the region who, over 10 years, have earned a solid reputation for incredible winemaking. Part of their process includes working the entire estate within the guidelines of biodynamic farming. Joseph believes that the use of natural processes and the lunar cycles is not only wise, but essential for preserving the soil we so heavily rely on. In certain months, you can even see the goats being used to trim the vine leaves!


To create this wine, biodynamic Pinot Noir grapes are hand-harvested from a single site located 500-metres above sea level. On harvest, the grapes are destemmed by hand. One-third of the grapes are fermented under CO2 whilst the rest are crushed and fermented naturally. After fermentation, the wine is raised for 8 months in oak barrels before cold settling in steel. The resulting juice is bottled without fining or filtration. Sulphite is also kept to a minimum. Then, for an interesting spin, Loxarel holds the wine in the winery for 12 years to ensure it is ready to drink on release.


As you might expect, the ageing gives this Pinot Noir a wonderful character. You can expect big notes of cedar, leather, game and raisin which are elevated by the more traditional Pinot flavours of cranberry, strawberry, balsamic and fresh cherry. As with any aged wine, make sure to watch out for sediment.


Vegan. Biodynamic. Organic. Low Intervention. ABV 13%. 

Mas Cargols Pinot Noir 2008 Wine Vial #04