Grape - Chinuri

Where - Lamiskana, Georgia

What - Wine has been made in this mountainous part of Georgia for over 8000 years, and Ori Marani have been continuing the tradition since 2017 as a fairly new addition to the winemaking scene. What hasn't changed over this huge expanse of time, however, is a key aspect to the methodology; all the wineries in Caucasus Mountain use huge, ancient clay vessels called Qvevri. Although their focus is on sparkling wine, they have a core range of wines, including this amazing, complex orange wine. 


Grapes were half-destemmed and put in Qvevri for maceration and fermentation for 2 months before ageing in oak to give it the signature complexity and robust nature. 


Marta is definitely a Georgian wine but has Italian and Slovenian influences. It's a really deep, straw-like colour in the glass with a whole host of weird and wonderful flavours. Expect chickpeas, truffle oil, bergamot, lemon peel, juicy dried apricots and Manuka honey. 


Complex, must-try, long finish. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. 13% ABV. 


Ori Marani Marta