Grape - Syrah

Where - Western Cape, South Africa
What - Paserene's 'Elements Series' is one very good thing to come out of 2020. This is producer Martin's idea for getting his younger sites out there before they're quite up to standard - great wines at more affordable prices, we're not complaining. 


The Syrah has been sourced from two sites: one super fertile site and one more low yielding site where soils are shallow. The resulting wine is very, very good.


As soon as you pop the cork you'll notice a big herbaceous and fragrant quality. It smells amazing; crushed lavender and chopped thyme, dried blueberry and stewed plums. The soft tannins make it super easy drinking and a decent acidity keeps you pouring and pouring. This is the kind of wine that disappears quickly! 


Herbaceous, fragrant, tasty. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 13%. 

Paserene Element Series 'Dark' Syrah 2018