Grape - 100% Sémillon

Where - Gippsland, Australia 

What - It's producers like Patrick Sullivan who make our jobs really, really fun. His attitude is simple, sustainable and never too serious. He suggests that winemaking is just fermenting grapes and making sure they don't smell. Maybe this is a slight oversimplification, but it gives you the confidence that his wines will always have fun at the forefront. 


The Jumpin Juice 'Gee Dub' is a 100% Sémillon from the hills of Adelaide. This wine is one of our absolute favourites from the collection. It's all in the name, really; this is a juice bomb that makes you jump for joy. The quality of the grapes is very evident and, as with any wine by Patrick, it is organic, biodynamic and free from any chemicals whatsoever.


Grapefruit and lemon zest are the main flavours from this biting, juicy, crisp number. 


Crisp, citrus, firm-favourite. Vegan. Organic. Biodynamic. ABV 13%. 

Patrick Sullivan Jumpin' Juice Gee Dub 2018