Grape - Riesling
Where - Yarra Valley, Australia
What - From a young age, Patrick Sullivan has always been immersed into the world of Victoria winemaking. Now he and his partner own and run a small family farm in the Stretsleki Ranges in Australia’s Yarra Valley. Patrick farms his grapes organically and adopts a similar ‘hands off’ approach in the winery, allowing the wine to do its own thing. The Jumpin' Juice Riesling is crafted entirely from riesling that has been vinified in stainless steel using wild yeasts. After a short ageing period the juice is bottled without fining agents and minimal sulphite. This wine is bursting with concentrated notes of green apples, apple sherbert, mineral water, mint and melon.
Green, juicy and dangerously moreish. Vegan. Organic. Low Intervention. 12.8% ABV.

Patrick Sullivan Jumpin' Juice ‘Riesling’