Grape - St Laurent, Frankovka and Zweigelt

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic

What - God knows we love a bottle of Petr Korab, and his 2020 Uncut Siller gives us all the juicy red vibes we could ever need. Based on the German Siller-style ("to shimmer") it properly smashes it out of the park.


Korab is one of the most exciting producers in the Czech Republic. He established the winery back in 2006 and has been producing non-stop bangers ever since, with a keen focus on the natural, the organic and the artisan. The vineyards are farmed completely organically and sustainably, with a lot of the work being done by animals roaming the land just doing their thing. 


The Uncut Siller 2020 not only boasts a really flippin' cool label, but impresses with juice and flavour for days. It's wild, vibrant and high-key lively. Fresh red fruit keeps going right through to the finish, with more delicate floral notes on the finish, too. Warning: very addictive! Oh, and despite the crown cap, this is a still red wine. 


Fruity, light, funky. Vegan. Low intervention. Minimal sulphite. Organic certified. ABV 12%. 

Petr Korab Uncut Siller 2020