Grape - Zweigelt

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic

What - Petr Korab is a man on a mission to preserve old vineyards in the historical winemaking region of Moravia. Not only does he farm the land and make the wine, but he puts a holistic focus on rearing sheep, goats and bees to keep his vinification approach hands-off and artisanal. He is a biodynamic legend in the area and his wines always balance crushability with intense flavour. 


At every point during the process of making his Zweigeltrebe, Petr uses low intervention methods including indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation. As with all his biodynamic wines, it has been bottled unfined, unfiltered and with minimal sulphite addition. 


This is a medium-bodied red with fine, smooth tannins. It's a proper summer banger that's full of contrastingly dark, ripe flavours of blackcurrant, blueberry and blackberry brambles. Alongside fruit, you might notice floral touches of violet, echinacea and a hint of oak on the finish. 


Juicy, flavourful, floral. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic. Biodynamic. ABV 12.5.%

Petr Korab Zweigeltrebe