Grape - Pinot Gris

Where - Čajkov, Slovakia 

What - Picnic Čajkov were granted permission to make and sell wine back in 1666 and the same family has been at the game ever since. Marek Uhnák is currently head winemaker and has been working to modernise the winery with new production methods and technologies. He has been tied to the industry since birth and it is of huge humility and honour to him to continue in his ancestor's footsteps. 


Čajkov is blessed with a great climate and terroir. The Štiavnica forest offers respite from the wind, but also a barrier from any chemical interference from other nearby vineyards. The pressed volcanic ash soils also make for fresh, mineral and saline wine totally unique to this part of Slovakia. Similarly, the weather is blessed by heat from Southern Europe and the cool climate of Northern Europe. As it goes, Picnic Čajkov have it pretty good for winemaking excellence.


Their organic Pinot Gris has been fermented on its skins and matured in Slovak wood for 6 months without any interruptions. The skin contact has given it a fittingly lava-coloured hue and serves to accentuate the minerality of the wine. As with all of Marek's wine, it has been bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulphite added. 


The tannins on this Pinot Gris are pretty hefty and make for big orange pith and papaya notes. It's big, bold and full of funky flavour. Expect all sorts of tasting notes buzzing around; citrus, sourdough, strawberry, sour cherry sweets, menthol, slate and herbs with a creamy mouthfeel. 


Orange, pithy, mineral. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. Minimal sulphite. ABV 13%. 

Picnic Čajkov Pinot Gris