Grape - Blaufränkisch

Where - Brhlovce, Slovakia 

What - Is it wine, or is it juice? You'd be forgiven for not knowing based on the bottle and hazy crimson appearance. It is, we are very glad to announce, wine. And really amazing wine at that. Although it might give Robinson' squash vibes, the Blá Blá Pivnica Brhlovce is a banging frizzante wine from a traditional winemaking munipicality in Slovakia. 


Hand-harvested Blaufränkisch grapes are picked from vines standing at over fifty-years old. They are crushed and pressed immediately after the harvest, before fermenting in stainless steel at low, low temperatures. Sugar is added during the ferment, but far less than usual when it comes to Pet Nat production which gives it a much lower pressure than traditional frizzante wines. 


Although produced as a rosé, this low intervention masterpiece drinks more like a light, fruity red. It's ridiculously fresh, with loads of cherry, strawberry and raspberry notes; an absolute stunner in the world of Easten European natural winemaking.


Fresh, fruity, fizz. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 12%.  

Pivnica Brhlovce Bla Bla Rosé Pet-Nat 2019


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