Grape - Királyeánuka, Rhine Riesling, Hárslevelü, Furmint

Where - Barabás, Hungary

What - Réka Koncz is, like, our idol. She's a young Hungarian winemaker focused on producing proper, natural wines that could only ever be from her newly organic certified vineyards in Barabás. A sense of terroir is essential to her style, which includes sharp acidity, intense fruit and fresh minerality from the 70 million-year-old volcanic soils. 


Réka has always had a love for nature, although when she was little she had big dreams to become a professional UFO enthusiast. Finding out that this career path doesn't exist, she switched her passions towards wine. In fact, her parents still have a copy of an essay she wrote in primary school that said that one day she wants to be a grape. 


Five days of skin-contact have given the Ora a beautiful, rich orange colour. The Királyeánuka, in particular, offers a great texture and herbaceous aroma. 


This wine is full of spice, ripe peaches and their skins, underripe apricot and blossom. It's super grippy and a real mood-lifter; loads of fun and an epic representation of Hungarian orange wine. 


Floral, textured, fresh. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic certified. ABV 12.5%.  

Réka Koncz "Ora" 2019


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