Grape - 100% Cinsault 

Where - Stellenbosch, South Africa

What - Ben Radford and Alex Dale form a winemaking team that just keeps getting better and better. Their blend of tradition and modernisation makes their wines both experienced and youthful simultaneously.  The Thirst range are all brilliant and this is their light red offering made for, you guessed it, thirst-quenching. 


In terms of light, easy-drinking reds, this is the one you're after. With a focus on sustainable farming and as little chemical input as possible, the Thirst range is right up our street. This wine hasn't been manipulated in any way; no enzymes, no sulphur, no acid addition or filtration of any kind. A proper, 100% natural red wine. 


Bring this out at a party or BBQ and it'll vanish right before your eyes. It's crunchy and fruity, full of red fruit flavours and super soft tannins. If you're interested in seeing how this wine might evolve over time, we recommend ageing for up to five years! 


Fruity, light, crunchy. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 10.5%. 

Radford Dale Thirst Cinsault 2019