Grape - Pinot Noir

Where - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

What - This organic rosé from Ricardelle de Lautrec is the most beautiful peachy pink colour. It's borderline millennial pink if you're looking for something to pair with avocado toast and crippling anxiety. 


Organic Pinot Noir grapes have been hand-harvested before fermenting in oak barrels with regular stirring of its lees. It continues ageing in oak for two years before bottling with an ever so slight filtration. 


A buzz of aromas are the first thing you'll notice. It smells fresh and fruity with melon, peach and vanilla coming through. The palate is fine, delicate and smooth with further fruits developing with a slight minerality. The blend of fresh tannins with a smooth mouthfeel give this rosé a good texture and lengthy finish. 


Fresh, fruity, smooth. Vegan. Organic. ABV 12.5%. 

Ricardelle de Lautrec Pinot Noir Rosé 2019