Grape – Shiraz, Viognier

Where – Barossa Valley, Australia

What – For Pete and Sofi Hiscock, the message is simple;


“Wise people say that all wines should be tasted. Wiser people say that some wines should be sipped. Wisdom says for others, drink the whole bottle. We are that bottle."


The Rock & Wisdom is somewhat of an unusual wine. Shiraz and Viognier? What?! Well, turns out that this duo makes for some seriously good juice. The Rock & Wisdom winery is all about drinkability and forward-thinking. They harvest grapes early for freshness and oak sparingly to ensure purity. The juice has been fermented for 12 months with a teeny tiny bit of sulphur, no fining and no filtration.


The addition of Viognier does something amazing to this wine; no added sweetness, completely soft tannins and bigger aromatics. Forest fruit crumble vibes ensue. It's all about the fruit.


Fruity, smooth, characterful. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 14.5%. 

Rock and Wisdom Shiraz Viognier 2017