Grape - Bical, Cercial, Encruzado, Síria

Where - Dão, Portugal 

What - Joao Tavares de Pina is a winemaker (and horse breeder!) who continues to surprise every year with his fresh, bright and sustainable wines. He farms on a beautiful piece of land in a granite valley surrounded by lush forest where the soils are a touch more clayey. As a winery, they focus on organic and biodynamic processes, only planting flora that fits in with the ecosystem. This means they don't have to use any chemicals or pesticides, leaving both the farming and the cellaring low intervention from start to finish. 


For the Rufia Skin-Contact, he relies totally on spontaneous fermentation without additions or temperature control, mostly in tanks and old barrels, and doesn’t fine or filter. Only a touch of SO2 is added on bottling, but that's it. 


This is a very light and soft orange wine, totally different from the sorts of skin-contact wines you'd find in Austria or France. Expect notes and aromas of white flowers, clementine, dried apricot, wet tea leaves and earthy salinity. 


This wine was imported by a fossil-fuel-free company who bring their wines over to Bristol via sailing ship!


Soft, rounded, floral. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic. Biodynamic. 11.5% ABV. 

Rufia Vinho Branco Skin-Contact


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