Grape - Gruner Veltiner 

Where - Burgenland, Austria 

What - This is the sort of wine that doesn't really benefit from any intense analysis - it's to be drunk and enjoyed with friends & family!


It boasts all the usual credentials; organic, biodynamic, vegan, low intervention, no added sulphites. We could go on. But, wow, the aromas and flavours are incredible. 


It's an unfiltered green-ish colour and bangs with huge apple and stone fruit notes. Tart cider apples are on the nose which give way to a sweeter expression of baked apples whilst remaining refreshingly dry. It has a great acidity and light mouthfeel that finishes with citrus after every sip. Properly decent. 


Dry, apples, light. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. Biodynamic. ABV 12%. 

Schmelzer Gruner Veltliner 2017