Grape - Chardonnay

Where - California, USA

What - Although the choice of poets for the 'Six Poets' Chardonnay is hideously un-diverse, it is particularly varied in its flavour. 


This Californian white is an oaky Chardonnay that ticks off every damn thing you want from a summery, easy-drinking vegan white wine. It's a tempting straw-like colour in the glass with a buttery mouthfeel and short finish that keeps everyone sip, sip, sipping. It's an apple crumble bomb that really sends out all the apple, vanilla and cream notes. It still remains fresh, however, with a citrus and Granny Smith kick.


It's all about the enjoyment and made for sharing around the table; best served with pork, sole or creamy pasta dishes. 


Summery, flavourful, fun. Vegan. ABV 12.5%. 

Six Poets Californian Chardonnay