Grape - Zinfandel

Where - Hood River, Oregon

What - You may remember our excitement when we got our hands on the Hiyi "Halo" a few months back. It was off the scale. From the same producers, we've now managed to nab a small allocation of their "Smockshop Band" Zinfandel which is an absolute treat to every single sense. 


These bottles are so beautiful it's hard to contain the tears of joy. Rustic wax tops and intricate handmade labels are impossible to resist. The Hiyu farm is entirely guided by nature, whether that be the moon, the stars or the farm animals who are responsible for vineyard maintenance. They are producing some really amazing natural wine. 


Their climate is similar to that of The Alps; unpredictable! Grapes are picked from the 1.5 acres of land dedicated to Zinfandel growing where silt loam soils are shallow. There's always a struggle, but this makes every single wine completely and utterly unique.  


We could go on and on, but it's best to just trust us that this is a very exciting wine. It's so floral, so herbaceous and highly delicate. You've got some juicy red cherry, leather, blackberry, smoke and cedar. Everything screams luxury. 


Luxury, exciting, unexpected. Vegan. Low intervention. Biodynamic. Organic pracitcing. ABV 13.5%.

Smockshop Band “Spring Ephemeral" Zinfandel 2017