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Grape - Nebbiolo 

Where - Langhe, Italy

What - The Sobrero winery was first established in 1940 and they still remain pretty under the radar for an establishment that produces such consistently amazing Northern Italian wine. 


The high-quality, organic Nebbiolo grapes for this Langhe were harvested from fifteen-year-old vines planted on clay soils. Grapes are picked by hand and after being destemmed, are put, with skins, in stainless steel tanks to malolactic ferment and then matured in oak for year or so. 


Sobrero are a classic winery, opting for more traditional methods, yet this Langhe offers a huge amount of fruit likened to more modern styles. It's ripe and crisp with notes of redcurrant, raspberry, clove, pepper and tar. 


Impressive, complex, high-quality. Vegan. Organic practicing. ABV 14%.. 

Sobrero Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

SKU: 10034