Grape - Alibernet

Where - Levice, Slovakia 

What - There are a load of interesting facts about the medieval village of Levice, but most importantly, it is home to Ján Svetík. He acts as the most recent generation to be making wine with grapes grown on the family vineyards. Their terroir is characterful and totally unique due to the pressed volcanic ash from an eruption many millions of years ago. 


Ján has a rustic and low intervention approach to winemaking. He ditches new technologies for a traditional hands-on process, putting plenty of time into each and every bottle. He is known for his relaxed approach to supplying his wines - they are only released when he deems them to be perfect. Once they're out there, they're ready to be devoured!


His Alibernet (a cross of Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon) from ten-year old vineyards are hand-harvested before crushing and fermenting for three weeks. They spend some time in old oak before transferring to stainless steel. 2015 was a particularly hot year in Slovakia, which has produced a wonderfully ripe and ready to drink natural red wine!


This wine is a rich, dark red colour with steady, easygoing tannins. Dark forest fruits, cherry sweets and stewed mulberry flavours are all present alongside that key minerality from the soils. 


Elegant, ripe, mineral. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 13%. 

Svetík Alibernet 2015