Who - Hideout Bar

Where -Bath

What - This is a new venture for Wolf Wine and we are super excited to be stocking a range of cocktails from the gang who brought us Hideout Bar, Dos Dedos and The Common Room. These bartending geniuses have been hard at work crafting their favourite cocktails for you to enjoy at home. If you're a self-confessed rum lover then you have got to get yourself a pre-mixed Tequila Time which comprises of Espolon, Cointreau and Pampelle; a mouthwatering mix. 


For best results, pour 50ml over ice and you're ready to go. Each bottle includes 4 cocktails to give you the at home bartending experience. It's delicious AF .


Punchy, flavourful, proper posh. 24.5% ABV.

Tequila Time 200ml