Grape - Carignan

Where - Swartland, South Africa

What - You've got Craig and Carla Hawkins to thank for this absolute banger of a Carignan. We look forward to the new vintages of Testalonga's Baby Bandito range every year, and 2020 hasn't disappointed. They're a ridiculously new winery (founded in 2008) but have impressed worldwide with their no-additive, organic wines made from entirely Mediterranean grape varieties.  


The slate soils of their Swartland vineyards make for fresh, acidic wines with heaps of floral flavours. Craig and Carla make their wines entirely from hand, with help only from wild fermentation. They add nothing to their wine other than a tiny amount of SO2. That's it!


For the Follow Your Dreams Carignan you'll be smacked straight in the face with huge fruit flavours and floral notes. Cherry sweets, blackberry, strawberry and bright, fresh violets. Life is good with a bottle of this open amongst friends. 


Fruity, floral, fresh. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 11.5%. 

Testalonga Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams