Grape - Riesling

Where - Saulheim, Germany

What - Thörle are the wine wizards on Germany. Year in, year out, they surprise the world with even better vintages than the last. You may have tried their Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) which has been heralded as one of the best wines to come out of the country for decades. Safe to say, brother Johannes and Christoph are the sh*t in the world of low intervention wine. 


The Probstey Riesling comes from their luxury range of wines and you can bet damn straight that we're dropping it online and at The Cabin in time for your Christmas stockpile. 


We take a detour from the usual slate or loam soils of the area and see these grapes grown on limestone. This totally alters the flavour of the wine in keeping with something along the lines of a Burgandy. 


You, of course, get all the classic flavours of a Riesling with lime, apples and citrus coming through in juicy waves. Apricot, mint, bergamot and sugar snap peas add more layers of complexity. It's totally fresh and full of limestone minerality. 


You could pair the Probstey with a number of different foods, especially those dishes you only whip out for special occasions. Pork, poultry and charcuterie are all good shouts, or if you want to whack up the spice levels, this wine will certainly stand up. 


Luxury, food-friendly, fresh. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. Biodynamic. ABV 13%. 


Thörle Probstey Riesling 2019