Who - Track Brewing

Where - Manchester

What - You say "MINI", we say "KEGS"! Hello and welcome to your new lockdown essential. Bring the pub to you with one of these adorable (and yet also badass) mini-kegs from the craft beer wizards over at Track Brewing. 


The 'Time To Think' is a West Coast-style IPA that goes back to basics in the best way. Beginning to tire of soupy, heavy haze bombs? Prefer your beers clean and smooth rather than full of those pesky bitter hops? This is your dream.


The vibe behind this beer is to tap into craft beer nostalgia; to take you back to the time before things got crazy. We're here for that mentality. It's full of pine flavours and earthy goodness, apricot and citrus juice. Just plain tasty. 


We've got a limited number of these bad boys, so if your mind has turned to Christmas already, we'd snap one up now. 


To serve, let the keg cold settle for at least four hours in the fridge. Overnight is ideal. Pour without venting (warning, it might be lively!) then open the vent when the pour begins to slow. Close the vent, then open when you're ready to refill your glass.


Beer is meant to be fun and for sharing - the mini-keg life is all about this philospohy. We love to see it. 


Vegan. Drink within 3 days. Keep as close to 8 degrees as possible.  

Track Brewing "Time To Think" 5L Mini Keg


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