Grape - Welschriesling, Rheinriesling

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic 

What - Not entirely sure what to call this juice, tbh. Cider wine? Wine cider? One of the two is probably about right. This collab (don't you just know how much we love a collab?!) between Utopia and Mila Nestarec has produced a hybrid drink that mixes the best of traditional cider with skin-contact wine. 


Utopia started off the ferment with their local variety of apples, before adding a mix of Welschriesling and Rheinriesling skins into the tanks. Wild yeasts were taken from Nestarec's vineyard's and they finished it off without fining, filtration or sulfite addition - just the same as all our favourite natural wines!


It's pretty damn cool and totally unique. It's the definition of hands-off with absolutely nothing added at all. It sits a little further onto the cider scale than it does the wine, but those grape skins give it some proper tannic punch and grape goodness. Definitely one to bring out at the next family BBQ or picnic for a fun addition to the classic line-up. 


Fun, quenching, unusual. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 7%. 

Utopia feat. Milan Nestarec Cider PLAY na ná nánana 2020