Grapes - Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabernet
Where - Tuscany, Italy
What - Eline; a 26-year-old bar owner from Antwerp used to make regular trips to visit her mother's winery just outside the town of Montepulciano in Tuscany. After many repeat visits and many days sneaking in to help with the blending of the local table wines, Eline was hooked, and thus Ventisei was born.


After her first couple of vintages, Eline converted some of the family estate to organic. In this playful red wine, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet grapes are hand-harvested and vinified on wild yeasts in whole bunches under a blanket of CO2. After pressing, the wines are aged in stainless steel resulting in a pure Tuscan red.


The Ventisei 26 Toscana Rosso is teeming with notes of strawberry, cherry, tobacco, tealeaf and sweet spice.


Pure, refreshing, energetic. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. 13% ABV.

Ventisei 26 Toscana Rosso