Grapes - Blauer Portugeiser
Where - Malokarpaska, Slovakia
What - Over recent years Eastern Europe has elevated itself as the ‘motherland’ of natural winemaking. And with products like the Carboniq from the Magula family, it is very easy to see why.


The Magula family have been making wine for decades. Their dedication to their craft and the care they take in celebrating their unique terroir is unlike any other. This exceptionally light red is produced entirely from organic Blauer Portugeiser grapes grown over a few sites in Malokarpaska. After hand harvesting and destemming, the fruit is placed in whole bunches in stainless steel and then covered in CO2. This technique allows the fermentation (and other natural processes) to take place in the absence of oxygen.


The resulting Vino Magula Carboniq is the juiciest of reds bursting with notes of strawberry, cherry juice, bubblegum and rose. It's a truly exciting drop.


Ultra-light, fruity, gummy. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. 11% ABV.

Vino Magula Carboniq