Grapes - Furmint/Lipovina
Where - Tokaj, Slovakia
What - If you're looking for a winemaker with a real passion for the craft, you've found it in Matus Vdovjak. He has dedicated his production to wines that truly sing for themselves after years of commercial winemaking for some larger companies. He soon realised that for an utterly special wine, you need to showcase the wine's terroir with a range of yeast strains and natural fermentation. 


The Vino Vdovjak Memphisto is produced from organic fruit that is aged on its skins in a Georgian amphora for 7 months before being pressed. It is then returned to the amphora for a further 5 months of ageing. 


This wine is dark orange in colour, round but textural and loaded in notes of apricot, lemon curd, tangerine and spice; a true snapshot of what this ancient style of winemaking is all about.


Deep, orange, intense. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 13% ABV.

Vino Vdovjak Memphisto Orange