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Grape - Furmint/ Lipovina
Where - Tokaj, Slovakia
What - Matus Vdovjak is an incredibly passionate winemaker who has dedicated himself to making wines that truly sing for themselves. He spent years working for commercial winemakers, but soon realised that the beauty of winemaking is in the terroir and unique yeast strains. This is what he set out to showcase with his own production. For Vdovjak, natural fermentation is key if you want to make the best of regional wines. We think he succeeds beyond measure. 


The Oakenshield is a blend of Furmint and Lipovina that has been naturally fermented and aged in a new oak barrels for 12 months. The wine is bottled directly from the barrel with no added sulphite.


This is a huge white wine rich with notes of caramel, vanilla, blossom, coconut, honeycomb and baked apples. As the name suggests, this is an oaky wine that would suit passionate natural wine drinkers. We are so excited to have this eclectic wine on our shelves to share with you. 


Rich, rounded, oaky. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 13% ABV.

Vino Vdovjak Oakenshield

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