Always Sunday | Vino Vdovjak Oakenshield

Grape - Furmint/ Lipovina
Where - Tokaj, Slovakia
What - When it comes to passion for the winemaking craft, Matus Vdovjak has more than enough to share. He believes in producing wines that truly sing for themselves after years working for large, commercial producers. For him, natural fermentation is key if you want to make amazing regional wines in Slovakia. 


The incredible Oakenshield is a blend of Furmint and Lipovina that have been naturally fermented and aged in a new oak barrel for 12 months. The wine is bottled directly from the barrel with no added sulphite, of course.


This is a huge white wine rich with notes of caramel, vanilla, blossom, coconut, honeycomb and baked apples. True to its name, it's also oaky as hell.  


Rich, rounded, oaky. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. ​13% ABV.

Always Sunday | Vino Vdovjak Oakenshield

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