Grape - Grenache/Rolle/Syrah/Clairette
Where - Provence, France
What - Domaine Le Loup Bleu are a small family winery owned and operated by husband and wife duo Marc and Sylvie Dubois. Marc and Sylvie have focused their craft around making traditional regional wines in harmony with nature whilst respecting the full spectrum of biodiversity. The grapes are grown in vineyards that are certified as biodynamic. After hand harvesting, the grapes are pressed and cold macerated for a matter of hours resulting in a tempting pale pink colour. The juice is fermented with wild yeasts, aged in steel and then bottled after a fining and filtration.


This wine gives us classic, elegant Provence rosé flavours of strawberry, peach, cream and rosehips.

Pale, delicate, sunny. Vegan. Biodynamic. 13.5% ABV.

Vol Du Nuit