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We've launched a new, branded boxed wine selection as part of our Wolf's Own initiative. It's pretty frickin' awesome and we're stoked to have such great wine out in the world with our name slapped onto it.


Christophe Muret is the man behind the juice. Formally the biggest importer of melons to the UK from France, he switched to winemaking to pursue his passion for viticulture in Languedoc. Heralded the King of Syrah, we've snapped up his boxed wines to champion an eco-friendly wine offering for your table at home. 


The purpose of these wines is to be smashed on the regular. Whack a box of Wolf's Own on the table and watch it get devoured by thirsty friends and family. It's perfect for casual sipping, gatherings or summer BBQs. 



Blend of Syrah, Cinsault and Cabernet Sauvignon. Proper juicy and well fruity. 

ABV 13.5% - 5L



Blend of Muscat, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. Fresh as sweet hell itself and nicely soft on the palate. 

ABV 12% - 5L


Wolf's Own Table Wine subscription includes one box of red and one box of white delivered every month. We ship nationwide, but we can also deliver locally for free - we'll deliver on the closest delivery day to your direct debit. Easy.  

WOLF'S OWN Table Wine Subscription

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One-time purchase
Our own table wine straight to your table each month!
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