WOLF WINE x Natural Wine Girl collab is here!


With more and more wine lovers interested in getting into the world of natural wine, we've come up with an easy solution that'll get you started off.  


One red, one white, one orange - all picked from our selection of epic natural wines that are tried and tested favourites. These are the wines that will sway you, your friends or your family to make the natural switch. Perfect for anyone seeking a bit more fun and a bit more funk in their booze. 


Alongside the natural wine, we'll pop in a letter from us and some tasting notes to get you started - what to look out for, what differences you might notice and what food to pair with the wine if you feel like getting fancy. 


These wines are our firm favourites, tried and tested (multiple times, may we add) to nail that perfect introductory nature. 


You can purchase a Natural Wine Starter Kit from our website, but we'll also be headed to some sweet pop-ups over the summer so keep ya eye holes open for updates over on