Who - Yonder Brewing 

Where - Radstock, Somerset

What - Simply, Yonder's brand new creation is a Greek epic. It has concisely been labeled as a whisky barrel-aged beetroot, chocolate and vanilla stout. So, pretty standard. 


If you're a fan of dark beers then this is a must-try. Totally unique and bursting with crazy flavours. It tastes almost exactly how you imagine; rich, earthy and boozy. One to take your time over, for sure.


Yonder are all about the foraging life, taking inspiration from the Mendip hills and the people who live there. The beers they brew truly represent the wicked things we're doing down here in the South West. They're always innovative and aren't intimidated by experimenting with new flavours. 


This is a very limited edition, so we'd recommend getting orders in quick! You could say nothing "Ba Beets" this in terms of full-bodied, sweet and punchy stouts. 


Earthy, sweet, local. Vegan. ABV 7.4%. 440ml can. 



Yonder "Ba Beets" Stout


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