Who - Yonder Brewing

Where - Radstock, Somerset

What - Yonder's Cool Box is one of their awesome core beers that comes from their modern farmhouse brewery just down the road from us. They're all about foraging, fermentation and flavour, with a real passion for sourcing their ingredients locally to creates beers with a real sense of Somerset. Their focus on minimal intervention brewing techniques makes them a standout in the region! We adore. 


Weighing in at an easy-going 3.5%, the Cool Box is the kind of session essential that you need for adventuring. Whether that's a mid-cyle incentive or company on a wild picnic, you need to try this Session Helles. Pop a six-pack in a cool box and get going. It's a beaut lager with loads of character, designed to get better as you drink. Don't miss out!


Light, refreshing, easy-going. Vegan. 440ml can. Minimal intervention. ABV 3.5%. Local. 

Yonder Brewing Cool Box Session Helles