Who - Yonder Brewing 

Where - Radstock, Somerset

What - We love everything that happens over at Yonder's farmhouse brewery in Radstock, just down the road from us. Their focus is on foraging, fermentation and flavour for their epic brews. A mix of locally foraged ingredients and low intervention methods make for beers that you just really, really want to drink. 


The Lupercalia Imperial Stout is an exceptional example of a proper smooth, chocolatey dark beer. It's a touch on the sweet side with freshly roasted coffee bean notes atop rose water and big malts. The hefty amount of booze is balanced out well with the big flavours. Perfect!


Big, flavourful, dark. 440ml can. Local. Low intervention. ABV 9.6%. Vegan. 



Yonder Brewing Lupercalia Imperial Stout