Who - Yonder Brewing

Where - Radstock, Somerset

What - A big hello to this annual brew from the guys over at Yonder. The Trunk of Funk is a celebration of all things local and seasonal. It is brewed to be a strong, funky and dark ale with huge depth and balanced flavours.


Yonder are a brewery focused on keeping things local to really emphasise the beauty of both the people and the landscape that make the Mendips a great place to call home. The Trunk of Funk has been aged for a year in recently emptied wine barrels which gives it a really strong lean towards natural wine funk. Hence the name. 


The sweetness is complimented greatly by a good acidity, providing depth of oak, minerals and fresh fruit. Delicious and super fun. 


Fruity, funky, local. Vegan. ABV 8.5%. 750ml bottle. 

Yonder Trunk of Funk Red Ale 2019


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