Being a craft wine lover is hard, right? Hunting down the weirdest, wackiest blends from around the world can be a time-consuming habit. The Wolf Wine team are pioneers of community and purveyors of pretty awesome wine, so we’re ready to share this with you in a brand new way. Our mission is to supply you with the best wines available right now, and we’ve just made it a whole lot easier. 


Meet The Wolf Wine Club. 


What makes us different? 


We’re experts in organic, natural, biodynamic and vegan wines from sustainable winemakers who, like us, cherish the environment around them. Wolf Wine is an independent business run by a pretty cool selection of friends. We like our wines with no added nonsense but a whole heap of fun. 


How does it work?


We choose our favourite six (or two) bottles of the month to share with you. These will always be the most interesting wines from our shelves and will guarantee that you nab a bottle before we sell out! You’ll also receive tasting notes (including food pairings) and different wines each month - you'll never be sent the same bottle twice unless you request it!

Can I tailor my subscription?


You can opt for four different subscription packages to be found below. The boxes will come mixed as standard so you get to experience the best of everything. If you do have any preferences (e.g red only) just let us know beforehand and we'll do our best to accommodate - just drop us an email at sales@wolfwine.co.uk!