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Green wine? at least. 

Meet our refill station; showcasing and offering red, white and rosé wines from just £9.50. Bring your own bottle or purchase your own Wolf Wine swing top for just £4.00.

So what's on offer? 

Merlot - 11.5% abv (Veneto, Italy): A fantastic fruity red, the prefect quaffer. Light bodied with loads of cherry and red berry flavours. Vegan 

Barbera - 13% abv (Piedmonte, Italy): A classic Italian red with great structure and flavours of red cherries and peppery spice.

Nero D’Avola - 13.5% abv (Sicily, Italy): A big rich red with ripe jammy black fruit flavours and sweet spice. Organic

Refosco – 12.5% ab (Fruili, Italy): Medium bodied with subtle notes of raspberry juice, violets and cedar.

Grillo – 12.5% ab (Sicily, Italy): This is a wonderfully delicate white with fresh zingy notes of melon, apples and flowers. Organic

Sauvignon Blanc - 12 % abv (Fruili, Italy): This super fruity Sauvignon has big flavours of citrus, gooseberry, stonefruit and elderflower. Vegan.

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