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Grape - Grenache, Syrah

Where - Almansa, Spain

What - When it comes to Grenache, there's maybe no better place for it to thrive than the moderate temperatures and high altitude of Almansa. Bodegas Almanseñas Adaras capitalise on this climate and we see every sun-soaked fleck of flavour in the Aldea.  


The grapes are night-harvested from the ecological vineyards planted at the base of the incredible Almansa mountains where Grenache is the main grape. A short time in cask gives it a deep, rich flavour and makes more a dry, crisp mouthfeel. 


This is a delicious organic red wine with loads of juicy red fruit and firm balance of minerality. Expect notes of purple flowers, dried blueberries and macerated strawberries. 


Ripe, fruity, pulpy. Vegan. Organic. ABV 13.5%. 

Bodegas Almanseñas Adaras Aldea




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