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Grape - 100% Riesling

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic


What - Sklep58 is a new project between buddies Jakup and Filip. The pair met at uni in Brno studying winemaking. Fresh and ready to face the world of commercial winemaking they decided they wanted to ditch all that they had learnt about chemical use and stablizing and low intervention was the way forward. All their wines are made in a small subterrainian cellar (Sklep) at a house with the number 58


Hand harvested riesling is sorted, crushed and fermented on skins in large plastic vats for 6 weeks before pressing and aging in old 220Ltr french oak barrels.  As mental and as challanging as this orange might sound, it is the polar opposite - it is beautifully soft and well intergrated with a soft grippy bite and bags of flavour. Notes of pomello, clementine, white currants, jasmine, smoked salt and szechuan pepper.


Spicy. Salty. Fragrant. 12% ABV. Organic. Low intervention. Vegan

Sklep58 Ryslink Rynsky Orange