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Grape - Syrah

Where - Costieres de Nimes, Rhone Valley, France

What - Chateau St Cygues is a small biodynamic estate covering 40 hectares in the south of the Rhone Valley near the district of Costiere de Nimes. Most of us would know this as being the area where Cotes du Rhone comes from. Today the estate is headed up by organic Guru Jean Pierre lafand. The estate keeps sprays and machinery out of its practices and uses natural controls like companion planting and natural fertilisers to enrich the soils.


Crafted from 100% Syrah, this crunchy little red is a true expression of this variety. With no added sulphur, no fining and no filtration this wine is packedwith layers of bramble, blackcurrant, peppercorns and liquorice. 


Juicy, Complex, Spicy. Organic. Low intervention. Vegan. 14% ABV

Salamander Syrah 2020




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