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Grape - Merlot

Where - St Colombe, Bordeaux, France

What - Originally a very old skool right bank estate, Chateau Picoron use to grow old vine merlot for its classical bordeaux cuvees (not very exciting really). However in 2015 the estate was purchased by an Australian family who have completely turned that on it's head. Today they want to celebrate the 5 hectares of old vine merlot by crafting wines that are as playful as they are delicious.


For this red the grapes are handharvested, pressed and vinified under carbon dioxide using yeasts native to their aussie homeland. The result is akin to a cru beaujolais. This light gummy red is juicy as hell and loaded with notes of bramble, winegums, strawberry laces and cola bottles.


Playful. Gummy. Serve slightly chilled. Organic. Low intervention. Vegan. 13% ABV

Picoron Tatarratat 2020