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Grape - Barbera

Where - Asti, Piedmont, Italy

What - Cossetti is a stunning family owned, family run estate in the rolling hills of monteferrato nr Asti. Today the cossetti family brand is headed up by an all female team, spearheaded by winemaker Clementina Cossetti. The family are completely dedicated to keeping the tradition of growing barbera and moscato, as the generations before did, but expressing them with very modern winemking techniques. Low yield, sustainable Barbera is harvest by hand, crushed and fermented on skins in stainless steel before three part racking.


The result is pure, clean expressive Barbera offering drinkers layers of cranberry, redcurrant, tobacco and herbs.


Savoury. Bright. Food friendly. Sustainable. Vegan. 13.5% ABV

Cossetti Gelsamora Barbera D'Asti 2019