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Grape - Malbec, Merlot

Where - Cahors, France

What - Fabien Jouves - king of biodynamic winemaking - has only gone and done it again with another kick-ass wine. He has definitely reached legend status, raging against the AOC laws that have excluded him for years due to his experimental wines and refusal to age. Apparently, these arguments with enforcers can get quite heated (see: You Fuck My Wine?! for evidence of this!).


Jouves' winemaking style is hands-off and low intervention, preferring to support the local ecosystems by farming without chemicals or pesticides to get the best out of traditional varietals. 


High-quality Malbec grapes are hand-harvested before spontaneous fermentation in concrete vats. The juice is then transferred to stainless steel to age for six-months before bottling unfined, unfiltered and with only a touch of SO2. 


This has got great body for a rosé, more like a light red than anything else. The main characteristics are the fruit and spice; strawberries and raspberries in partciular. You also get a touch of mushroom, funky minerality, pastry and butter. Catch us drinking this all summer. 


Fruity, bright, minerally. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic. Biodynamic. ABV 13%. 

Fabien Jouves 'Á Table!!!' VDF Rosé

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