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Grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan

Where: Montsant, Spain

What: Produced as a collaboration between a well known Spanish winery (Mas Sersal) and the frontman of a well known Catalonian Indie band (David Caraben of Mishima), you would be forgiven for being a little skeptical of the Set Tota La Vida at first glance. It’s even named after one of the albums of the band! However, if you let this hold you back in any way from tasting this beautiful Spanish red, you would most definitely be missing out.


The grapes are manually harvested, so the time and effort that went into this wine from the outset is absolutely huge. After this, the grapes went through a malolactic fermentation in steel tanks, which reduces the acidity and adds buckets of flavour and a beautiful creaminess to the already fantastic blend. After this, the Grenache and Syrah is aged in French oak, whilst the Carignan is matured in American oak, which adds a huge depth and complexity that you wouldn’t otherwise find.


The flavours here are hard to describe, but you should keep your taste buds on the lookout for cranberries, mulberries, cherries and plums. Then, thanks to the fabulous oaking this has been through, these red fruits will be followed up with vanilla, toasted notes and some beautiful spices, before finishing up with a pleasing minerality. 

The only true way to appreciate everything this wine has to offer is to try it for yourself, and make sure you hurry - it’s one of our faves, so it’s unlikely to stay on the shelves for long!


Different, Challenging, Delicious. Organic. Low Intervention. Vegan. ABV 14%.

Set Tota La Vida Estones de Mishima 2018